La Duna Swimming Pools

Would you like to have your very own private swimming pool? When you purchase a La Duna house, the choice is yours. And you can also choose the features of your pool. As with everything La Duna we offer flexibility. You can choose tiles, colors, pool surrounds and much more.

A pool can be the focal point of your home. A place to relax, to exercise and to entertain family and friends. A refreshing dip in the pool is perfect on a hot, sunny day. We are lucky in Chiang Mai, we have lots of them!

Have children? No problem there is a safe paddling pool area for the young ones.

Take a look at some of our pool features below and contact us for more information.

Hiuse with pool for sale Chiang Mai

Our pool engineers will work with you to select the pool features that work best for you

Swimming Pool Systems

There are two different swimming pool systems to chose from.

Overflow System

We create an infinity, or negative edge pool using the overflow system. Water fills the pool and flows into a tough. We collect water from the trough and store it in a surge, or holding tank, before pumping it through the filter system and back into the pool.
The benefits of this system are
a. Easier to keep clean. Because the water reaches the height of the pool walls there is less chance of staining around the rim. Surface impurities are also regularly removed. We collect surface debris such as leaves in the overflow troughs.
b. The infinity edge adds a real wow factor. With no edge to one side you can easily take in the view beyond the pool.

Chiang Mai overflow system swimming pools

The Skimmer System

The skimmer system draws water from the pool through slots placed a few centimeters below the top of the pool edge. We run the water through the filtration system and back into the pool.
The benefits of this system are
a. We don’t need to install surge tanks. These are large and take up a significant amount of available space.
b. Because they are enclosed on all sides they do not have the hazard of the infinity edge. It is much easier to access all areas from outside the pool.

Skimmer system swimming pools in Chiang Mai

Water Treatment Systems

There are four popular water treatment systems for swimming pools.


Chlorine is a common and cheap chemical treatment for pools. It is a disinfectant that kills bacteria and algae. We must use the correct amount. However some people complain of itchy skin bathing in chlorinated water.

Saline System (Salt water)

A popular way of keeping your swimming pool water clean is by using salt as a disinfectant. This can leave the water brackish and in fact is another way of producing chlorine.

Treating Swimming Pool water

Ozone System

Ozone is a very effective disinfectant. It replaces the use of chlorine and bromine which is much healthier. We use an air compressor to generate the ozone.

Mineral Ionizer System

A swimming pool ionizer cleans and sanitizes pool water by releasing positively charged copper and silver ions into the water. They destroy algae and bacteria. Ionization is a proven method for destroying unwanted bacteria and viruses. However, it is generally not as effective as chlorine.

Swimming pool water treatrment

Other Materials

Tiles and the decking around the pool are important features to get right.

Swimming Pool Tiles

You will have fun choosing the tiles for your pool.
They come in a variety of materials including:

  • Natural rock
  • Fire-clay
  • Mosaic

Best colors are blue, turquoise and ocean green. The darker tiles make the pool look deeper. They may also enhance the reflection of the house in the water.

Swimming pool tiles

Flooring Around The Pool

Another important choice will be the flooring around your pool. The most common materials include:

  • Wooden tiles
  • Rock tiles
  • Artificial woods
  • Marbles
  • Renders

The most important requirements are that they are hard wearing and non slip.

Swimming pool decking


  • 2 Storey Oriental Contemporary Pool Villa

    For Sale


    380 sqm



    Private pool

  • Courtyard Style Exclusive Villa



    280 sqm



    No Pool

  • Japanese Lanna Style Exclusive Pool Villa

    For Sale


    580 sqm



    Private Pool

  • Euro Lanna Style Exclusive Pool Villa

    For Sale


    420 sqm



    Private Pool