La Duna Houses

La Duna is a community of luxury detached houses. Each house is unique. Owners are encouraged to work with our architects and builders to participate in the design. We understand that people have different requirements. At La Duna we have a flexible approach, allowing you to develop your own personal living spaces.

Houses come with or without private pools.

The focus of La Duna villas is to have a seamless interaction with the outside spaces. Lots of natural light and open plan living spaces.

All the houses sit in a generous plot and, with our gardening service on-site, you can easily maintain lovely outdoor areas to enjoy.

We take great care to ensure lovely views of the park area or the surrounding rice fields.

The site is spread over 9696 sq. m. with wide roads and pathways. Check out the site details here.

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House Features

  • High ceilings (3m and living room 7m) – Ensure a natural circulation of air. This is the natural way to keep your house cool. Many people will not feel the need to run air conditioning.

  • Large overhanging eaves also help to keep the houses naturally cool. They also provide extra shelter from the rains.

  • Special non-slip flooring. Even when wet these floors are non-slip.

  • Easy to walk on, cushioned floors.

  • Wide, well lit corridors and pathways. Easy mobility inside and out.

  • All houses are on one level and completely wheelchair friendly.

  • The houses are built with easy cleaning and maintenance in mind.

  • Gardens designed with local indigenous plants, shrubs and trees.

  • Respect paid to the local environment.

  • Local, renewable materials used whenever possible.

High ceilings

Fabulous Views

The community is surrounded by local Lanna countryside. Rice fields and small farms are interspersed with villages. This is a lush valley with views to the rolling hills not far away.

Many houses directly overlook the rice fields. Others are built with views of our own park area of neatly tended gardens.

There are cooling waterways running through the project.

Surrounded by the peaceful and relaxing sounds of nature.

Eco Housing Chiang Mai

Luxury Swimming Pools

Private pool vilas Chiang Mai

If you decide to have a pool you will not be disappointed. The pools provide a great area to relax and entertain. With our on-site pool maintenance, all the hard work is also taken care of. Leaving you free to just kick back and enjoy your own private pool.

All pools include a sunken seating area that makes them perfect for relaxing in any group. Maybe you have kids. With the seating area you can easily keep an eye on them and at the same time relax yourself.

Our houses are designed to seamlessly bring the outside in and the inside out. Perfect for dining out on the patio.

La Duna poolside villas are the perfect way to enjoy a natural, healthy lifestyle.

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Other Features


La Duna Chiang Mai - double glazed windows

We use double glazing and tinted glass. Our designs focus on allowing natural light to flood into the houses. In order to add extra protection from the heat they are double glazed. We use tinted glass that adds UV protection.


La Duna Chiang Mai - Internet

There are a number of internet service providers to choose from. Some offer super fast fiber connections. You won’t have any problems staying connected to the web at La Duna. We also offer WiFi connections around the project.


La Duna Chiang Mai - security camera

We can install security cameras inside and outside your house. What’s more you can easily connect to them 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world using a phone app. What a great way to keep an eye on your home when you are away.

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  • 2 Storey Oriental Contemporary Pool Villa

    For Sale


    380 sqm



    Private pool

  • Courtyard Style Exclusive Villa



    280 sqm



    No Pool

  • Japanese Lanna Style Exclusive Pool Villa

    For Sale


    580 sqm



    Private Pool

  • Euro Lanna Style Exclusive Pool Villa

    For Sale


    420 sqm



    Private Pool